One man band show

The roads belong to lovers.

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The innate passion for music and the rhythm that beats in my heart are essential elements that have allowed me, since the age of 8, to juggle playing flutes, transferring to them many melodies. A path that keeps growing with the theoretical and practical study of music with the master Massimo Trapletti, a saxophone and clarinet teacher. Years pass, time sings, the energy of sound guides me to discover and to study many other instruments in addition to those already discovered like guitars, harmonica, percussions, drums, violin, bagpipe; instruments with which I walked the paths from classical music to contemporary classics, skipping from gothic metal to classic rock and to popular music and so on, leading me to arrange and compose my own pieces. Freedom and conservation is my message, spreading it by singing and playing them to the world is my project, fundamental ingredients to give life to my art as a one-man-band show.

My “alternative folk” has therefore propagated itself into the hamlets and squares of a large part of Europe, gladdening the days of passers-by, entering unconsciously into their hearts. Defined by critics as a “One man band”, I manage ably between foot-tapping, guitar, percussions, voice and harmonica, all played contemporarily.