Folklan: two words in a single name!


Folklan was born with the music of a one man band meandering the streets and the hamlets of villages as a street artist: then, the music becomes stage music! Thanks to the blend of determination and ambition of the poly-instrumentalist Paolo “dreamer” Pecis (Sagitta Firefolk), the huge support of Giuseppe Madaschi (MADA), also a “one man band” coming from many musical, instrumental and compositional experiences, and to the steady friendship of the dear Alessio Crotti (BRIGANTE), a right-hand man in many events for several years bringing his 70s’s rock and black blues musical influence, the triple alchemy of the alternative folk of Folklan is born, becoming a quartet with the arrival of Omar Mazzoleni (SHERPA) on the percussions.

“Folk” like the influence of the music that we compose, folk like the people – the community which, through our songs, we defend. “Klan” like the respect for the band’s (our Klan’s) way of thinking about our ideals and our beloved earth. In July 2013 we debuted at the FORREST SUMMER FEST, a not insignificant launching pad, that led us, from our province, to tour other provinces, always further throughout the whole of Italy and on towards Europe. Still in 2013 the first album called “LA PROFEZIA DEL GIROTONDO” was released which, like the most of Folklan’s lyrics, is about the uncontrolled exploitation of the world. The tracks try to awaken the soul of the individual person, subjugated by the pressures of the big system, while the melodies are accompanied by different musical influences, from the balkan polkas to ballads and skaggianti poems, sung in more than one language. Critics have labelled this music not really as a classic folk “Too much on the road style…too wild for classic folk. It is simple music but at the same time aggressive, sharp, it is an alternative music, that makes us think, it is the original alternative folk of Folklan!”

We invite you to listen to our songs and to follow our dates. We’re waiting for you!